Dunajec - flyfishing in Poland
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«This Dunajec is really surprising, it has got its magic side that we expect from a river we fish, its fishing potential is without a doubt unbeatable» Sylvain de Angeli

Dunajec river PolandDunajec is a large mountain river in the South of Poland. Pioneer Flyfishing organizes guided fishing trips to this destination - that's what this website is about
This river suffered: until 1940's full of trout, salmon and grayling. Destroyed by dams, pollution, poaching and uncontrolled overfishing, Dunajec fell from the accolade of being Europe's premier trout and grayling fishery. New environmentally-orientated management since 2005 has brought radical change.  most importantly, there has been a three year period when no-kill on grayling was introduced to re-establish the population.

Also, large-scale stocking with trout and grayling has taken place. With EU money all villages were canalized and most sewage that used to get in the river is treated by modern water treatment technologies. Rapids on the DunajecThe overall situation continues to drastically improve, returning the Dunajec to the pristine river of decades ago.  Dunajec has long fly fishing beats and can be difficult to wade and even dangerous with its slippery and moving gravel bottom. Wading sticks and life jackets are highly recommended. Dunajec holds a lot of the ultimate river predator, the huchen (taimen or Danube salmon). It is there where most of them are caught in Poland, including all record fish. The Dunajec is destined to become the most known fishing destination in Poland, paralleled in European fame only by the San.

We are sure, that our proposition of fishing holidays to the Dunajec river can be intersting to some experienced anglers.