Dunajec- flyfishing in Poland
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Please use this as a checklist of gear to bring with you to the Dunajec.

Number 1.
Wading stick and inflatable jacket. Both are absolutely obligatory.

Fly rods
#5 - #6 will do in most cases. If you want to focus on the Danube Salmon (Huchen, Taimen) – 8 weight is minimum, 9 is better.

Fly reels
To suit your rod and handle fly line and at least 50 meters of backing (In case you hit a Taimen or huge trout - it happens!)

Fly Lines
We use floating lines 70% of the time. Dull in colour if possible. Sinking lines are necessary fro streamers.

Doesn’t have to be too long, usually a bit longer than the rod is enough.A taper is useful for dry fly presentation. Dunajec is a craddle of Czech nymphing so czech nymphing leaders do get used here.

Seen the flow and strong fish we rarely fish finer leaders than 5x.

Fishing vestcaddis larva made by Kuba
With clippers, forceps, knotless landing net (obligatory)

All flies must be tied on barbless hooks (or crushed barb). You risk being banned from the fishing if wardens find you fishing with barbed hooks!!
We can supply all kind of flies for your stay.

Chest waders, neoprene (misadvised for the summer fishing) or Gore-Tex, bootfoot or stockingfoot with wadding shoes, ideally felted.

Good quality polarized sun or prescription glasses, woollen socks, wide brimmed hat or baseball cap, windproof pullover/fleece and a good quality rain jacket – a dull colour is best.